What To Do If You’re Not Ready, Willing, Or Able To File Your Tax Return By April 15th

Individuals who had taxable income exceeding a certain value last year and taxpayers receiving income exempt, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source, the sum was greater than $ 40 thousand in the last year were forced to declare Income tax for Individuals 2015 until April 15. The presentation of Tax refunds is also mandatory for those who received capital gain on disposal of assets or rights subject to the tax or conducted operations in stock exchanges, commodities, futures and similar in any month in 2014.

Doubts regardingTax refunds

Many taxpayers left to declare the income tax on the last day. For those who eventually lost the time and did not declare the 2015 Tax refunds may suffer various legal problems and restrictions throughout the year, in addition to the fine. Some of these problems can be contested or negotiated with the guidance of a lawyer.

It is important to contact professionals such as Tax return in order to know the implications and how a lawyer can help you. The tax lawyer professionals from Tax return  answered frequently asked questions:

– What happens to those who did not give the declaration of Income Tax 2015?

If in the determination there is no tax to pay the fine. The other complications depend on each country, and in some cases can even prevent people from leaving the country or getting a public job position.

– Who had problems with the system can have an exception open?

Taxpayer had system access problems must prove the failure, which is frankly almost impossible and I think we should not discuss this topic.

– What is it and what happens if you are under the “office procedure”?

The craft procedure is characterized by the call of the taxpayer by the governmentto provide information on the tax refunds declaration submitted. If this procedure has already been started, the taxpayer may not amend the declaration and shall attend the Revenue to present the proof of which have been declared to the tax authorities. The Tax return can help you solve this issue.

– How and when it can be made to review / correction of disputes?

The revision / correction can be made within five years after the submission of the declaration; it must be respected the limitation period established by law.

Ideally, the correction is carried out before the craft procedure, because then the taxpayer leaves the fine mesh and avoids problems with supervision.

– There are fine in case of delay of delivery of the Annual Adjustment Statement Rectifier?

No. Taxpayer failed to make the Annual Adjustment Statement, when he was obliged to do, you should download (on the tax refunds declaration website) of the corresponding for the calendar year program and after filling in accordance with the instructions in force for that year, present it

– If there is some amount of correction to be refunded (in previous years), it is possible to have any refund? How and when can be done?

The refund is made automatically by the government, or by check. If the taxpayer has not got any issues, the refund is made in the same year of submission of the declaration and the case falls into the fine mesh, this period may be extended. More explained in this link: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/taxes/tracking-down-your-tax-refund.aspx

– What are the legal implications in the absence ofTax returnstatement?

Punishments for those who do not have the Tax return statement vary according to the seriousness of the offense, which range from administrative penalties that can may also respond in the criminal sphere.

What are the most common processes to the office ofTaxreturn247.com.au?

Generally we serve customers who were penalized with fines or tax foreclosure for non-payment of tax return.

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