7 Tax Filing Mistakes That Will Delay Your Refund

In Australia, almost every person who works fills out a tax return however, thousands end up with a major delay to their refunds. Getting a refund can be great because its money you technically didn’t have and it can be used for a variety of things. However, there does seem to be more delays than ever before when it comes to getting your hands on the refund. Refunds shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain and yet it seems most find it almost impossible to get. Mostly, it’s simple filing mistakes that cause these delays. Read on to find some mistakes and hopefully you can avoid them.

No SSN on the Returns

Everyone has a social security number or SSN as they are also known as and yet these are the numbers which are often missed out on returns. If they are not missed out then they are incorrect and that can cause a major delay in getting tax refunds to you. For most, they don’t think about these things and yet it’s a simple thing that causes the delays. It’s important to ensure when filing the numbers are filled in correctly! It will make a real difference!

Incorrect Spelling of Names

It’s a minor mistake that most of us can make and yet it’s the mistake that is costing us dearly. Misspelling last names, especially of dependents names is easily done and it’s something which more and more are doing. The problem is that people don’t actually take a second look at what they are writing as they think its right! Minor spelling mistakes can cause some delays with the refund so on your tax return, it needs to be right. You might think it’s not too important but to the Australian government it is.

Having an Incorrect Filing Status

What is your current living status? For most, they file the wrong status and that causes major delays to returns. It’s not that it’s intentionally done but you can actually file incorrectly and when you file the wrong status, it’s made far more difficult for everyone involved. This can be a troublesome factor and something which more and more face each and every year. You want to get your tax refunds to you as quickly as possible so ensure you file the right statue.

Wrong Calculations

Despite your best efforts, you can get the maths wrong and it’s something which is very simple and easy to do! However, while you might think a simple maths error wouldn’t be such a major problem, it is! Getting the wrong calculations is easily done and it’s something which more do. When filing your tax return you really need to ensure the calculations work out. Always double check. Of course if you file online, the computer does it for you but still, always double check.

Using the Wrong Banking Information

What bank account number have you used? Sometimes, it can be something as easy as adding the wrong banking information which leads to your delay in your tax refunds! That’s not ideal and it’s frustrating. It’s very important to ensure the information you provide with banking is accurate. Any errors can result in more delays. The right information can ensure the refund is delivered quicker.

Adding Expenses Which Are Inaccurate

The type of expenses or deductions you add to your return can sometimes hamper the quickness of your return. The reason why is simply because if there are quite a few deductions or expenses then it’ll take longer to go through. What is more, if some expenses are not actually legitimate or not covered then it will take longer to process which means a delay to your refund. When it comes to your tax return you need to ensure the expenses are legitimate.

No Signature or Date

Without a signed or dated return, there is no valid return. You might not know that but if you don’t date and sign the return it’s invalid. That can become a major problem for you and really it’s not what you want or need. It’s time to ensure you check your return and ensure you have signed it and dated it. You will hopefully get your tax refunds to you a lot quicker.

No Errors

Returns always present a few issues for most as they look far more complicated than what they are at times. However, most people end up making simple errors along the way and that’s the major problem. You don’t need to make these mistakes now that you know what they are. Deal with your tax return wisely and hopefully your refund will get to you quicker today.

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